About Us

Authentix Marketing's mission is to be an advocate for consumers looking to repair their credit and achieve their financial and personal goals through the benefits of having a good credit score. We work with industry leaders to match consumers with a company that is best suited to achieve those goals. 

We provide outstanding customer service, and work closely with both our partners and our affiliates to provide the best possible experience for all involved.

About Our Partner

LSI Credit Solutions is the industry experts in credit repair, collection negotiation and debt settlement. They have set the industry standard as a reputable organization that is built on a foundation of integrity, character, and commitment to obtaining the best possible results for each client. They promise to help those who feel restricted in their life choices because of a bad credit score.

Since 2006, LSI has helped thousands of people find financial freedom through credit repair and debt negotiations. Their client reviews on Yelp and Google+ speak for themselves, and they have zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.